[Samba] High CPU utilization for smbd on AIX

Jeff Schoby JAS at GoColumbiaMO.com
Tue Feb 22 18:57:27 GMT 2005

>Ok - for a directory with 30,000 files in it you need to have the
>latest svn source for Samba 3.0 (this fix isn't in 3.0.11 I'm afraid
>as it was deemed too big a change at too late a stage) and to follow
>the advice I gave on the list about how to set up a share to
>cope with large directories. Someone from IBM is happily using this
>for < 100,000 file directories, so I'm comfortable that it works.

Just joined the list yesterday, got a link to that archived post?

This directory rarely has that many files in it.  The point I was
trying to get across was that the access was slow no matter how many
files are there, due to the high cpu utilization of that particular

If the directory has > 3000 files in it...it even slows down on the AIX
side and becomes unmanagable.

Good to see that someone at IBM is using it that way tho.

Thanks for the advice!...

Jeff Schoby
Unix/Network Admin
City of Columbia, Missouri

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