[Samba] getent passwd / winbind uid / log file configuration

Ben Kim bkim at coe.tamu.edu
Tue Feb 22 17:45:11 GMT 2005


This is Solaris 8, samba-2.2.9 with winbind. I'd like to get some help.

1. My problem is this configuration directive is not working.

  winbind uid = 30000-60000
  winbind use default domain = yes

  Regardless of this, the uid maps to 10000 ~.

  This is the problem.

  We are actually using uid range 20000 ~ in /etc/passwd, so I'm afraid
there might be a clash later. 

  So, is there a way to find what's wrong?

  (Also, Does anyone know what happens if winbind account base grows to
require 20000? Will winbind automatically avoid the range?)

2. The log file setting is not working either. 

  log file = /var/log/sambalogs/logfile.%m

  Whatever I set up, samba just logs to /usr/local/samba/var/log.winbindd.

3. getent passwd is not returning windows only users.

I'm using slightly different configuration files for samba and winbind
(the latter without share configuration).

I'd appreciate any help.


Ben Kim
Database Developer/Systems Administrator
434E Harrington Tower / College of Education 
Texas A&M University

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