[Samba] ACL question

Xavi León Javier.Leon-Gutierrez at upc.edu
Tue Feb 22 15:58:45 GMT 2005

Cisowski, Daniel wrote:

>Hi all,

>I've tried to test this using Samba 3.0.10 on Solaris 9 and compiled with
>--with-acl-support. The configuration for my test share has the following
>ACL relevant settings:
>	security mask = 0777
>	force security mode = 0
>	directory security mask = 0777
>	force directory security mask = 0
>But, if I try to set the following permissions (all except Full Control):
>	Modify,
>	Read & Execute
>	List Folder Contents
>	Read
>	Write
>using Windows Explorer connected to the share on a subdirectory of the
>share, I get 777 on UNIX file system and my Windows client sees 'full
Do you have your kernel compiled for ACL's support for your filesystem?

>Thanks in advance
>Best regards,

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