[Samba] Problems with VFS Recycle on SLES9

J. Strohschnitter samba-ml at rwz.de
Tue Feb 22 08:37:02 GMT 2005

Hi list,

I have running samba 3.0.9 on a SuSE Enterprise-Server 9 with Kernel 2.6.5. Samba works
very well but In have one problem while using the recycle vfs with samba:

when I save a file (with wordpad or editor ...) to the network-share, a 0 byte-file will
automaticly be saved to the trash-folder. 
After removing the file from the network-share, the real file (>0 byte) will be stored 
to the trash. Thats ok. But now I created a file named the same filename than the deleted 
file, the new file was again created as 0-byte file to the trash. And the trashfile was 
overwritten with 0 byte.

So my questions are: 

1)How do I have to configure the recycle-object that no 0-Byte file was
automaticly created on the network-share ?
I have tried all possible parameters (touch and versions) to turn off or on, but no effect.

2)If 1 isn't possible, how can I prevent the creation of the 0-Bytefile over the existing
file, without using the version-parameter ?

Hope someone can help to fix this problem. Here is my section with vfs-recycle from the

   path = /server/shared
   oplocks = true
   create mode = 0775
   directory mode = 0775
   admin users = supervisor
   read only = no
   veto files = /*.scr/*.mpeg/*.mp3/*.eml/*.nws/*.{*}/
   ; options for trashbox
   vfs objects =  recycle
   recycle:repository = .Papierkorb/%u
   recycle:keeptree = yes
   recycle:versions = no
   recycle:touch = yes
   recycle:exclude = ?~$*,~$*,*.tmp,*.pqi,*.scr,*.eml,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.mov,*.mpe,*.mp3
   recycle:exclude_dir= PMAIL,PMail,pmail


     Jens Strohschnitter

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