[Samba] folders containing underscore with default share + default log level

Yannick Bergeron burgergold at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 21 20:45:33 GMT 2005

hi group

I've two questions for you

The first one: We seem to have problem with folder which contain an 
underscore in their name when we try to map a share using the default share.

ex: the default share is set to /dfs/projects
I'm trying to accesss to /dfs/projects/foo_foo with \\samba\foo_foo
It doesn't work (but it's working with a few folders that have an underscore 
in their name)

The second question: in the documentation of smb.conf, I've read that the 
default log level is set to 0. When I set the parameter of log level to 0, 
it's working as expected. But when I removed the log level line from 
smb.conf, the log level used seems to be 1 by default.


Yannick Bergeron

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