[Samba] AD function without AD

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Mon Feb 21 20:39:49 GMT 2005

David Bear írta:

>I'm very interesting in attempting to get the control over my windows
>machines that AD offers, without actually have AD.
>I know samba 3 can be a AD member server.. Are there any other
>projects that integrate samba, ldap, kerberos to make a active
>directory like system?
>Note that I said AD like. My goals include
>1) single sign on through kerb
>2) access control through ldap groups
>3) directory services for failover of some resources (printers)
>4) pushdown of windows security policies
>Any pointers welcome.  prefer open sourced solutions, but may consider
>commercial stuff if it integrates well with samba servers.
Currently XAD of PADL (http://www.padl.com/)
In the future Samba4



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