[Samba] why joining a domain to a BDC is impossible?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Mon Feb 21 16:01:55 GMT 2005


I was wondering why joining to a domain is possible only to a PDC?

As there can be only one PDC, if it fails (or a connection to it), noone 
can join the domain.

On the other hand, setting many PDCs is discouraged (as there should be 
only one PDC and possibly many BDCs).

So for example in my case, whenever I have my Samba server set to be a 
BDC (domain master = no), workstations can't join to the domain.
When I set it to be a PDC (domain master = yes), workstations join the 
domain nicely.
My PDC is accessible across WAN/VPN, and this is why I would like to 
join my workstations to the BDC, too.

So is my config screwed, or is it really impossible to join a 
workstation to the domain to the BDC?


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