[Samba] Netbios over ipsec (slightly ot)

bdbruin at aub.nl bdbruin at aub.nl
Sun Feb 20 14:49:14 GMT 2005


This issue might be a slightly offtopic, but someone might have experience
with it. Thanks for reading this post anyway.

I have the following setup:

Network 10.227.7.X is connected over a wlan ( <-> to
network 128.1.1.X.

This setup works, I have cross-subnet browsing going and I am able to
login. When I enable IPSEC (raccoon (linux <-> freebsd)) I am still able
to login and  to browse the network, but I am unable to access any of the
shares on the other subnet (this *does* work without ipsec).

I used tcpdump to see if any packages are arriving on both ends and the
server  (samba 3.0.10) does seem the receive the packages and answers
these packages as well, but the when having ipsec enabled the connection
behave differently than without ipsec as the client seems to ask multiple
times for something.

I tried changing the MTU, but this does not seem the help.

Maybe I am forgetting something as this setup is slightly complicated as
it considers 4 firewalls (don't ask me why please ;-)), but the firewalls
do not seem to be the problem as logins do work over ipsec.


B. de Bruin

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