[Samba] Copying/migrating profiles

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 17:56:26 GMT 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 14:59, Colin E. McDonald wrote:
> What is the best way to copy or get the original
> user profile without having to manually copy all of the contents of the
> original profile?

Not sure of any automatic way of doing it, but you can use the windows 
"profile copier".
Once the new "clean" profile has been made:
Right click my computer > properties > advanced > user profiles > settings. 
Select the old account and click copy to.. choose the new user folder in 
documents and settings (this will warn that there is alreadyy a profile there 
and it will be cleared > just ok it. The last bit to do is change permission 
to use (or something very similar) change this to the new username (make sure 
you put it in the format DOMAIN\user) - this will copy the profile 
flawlessly to the new user.
I think there may be quite a lot of people who would benefit from an automatic 
way of doing this - This question is asked at least once a month. Anyone have 
any suggestions on how to implement an automatic solution?
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