[Samba] User and group ID problems when mounting.

Goran Cengic cengic at s2.chalmers.se
Sat Feb 19 12:25:43 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm using Linux kernel 2.4.29 and samba 3.0.10 with Slackware 10.1 distro and 
I'm having trouble getting the mount.smb to respect my uid and gid options. 
Whichever uid and gid I specify I get something strange like uid 147926 and 
gid 101. I heard someplace that this is a bug in the smbfs kernel module but 
in that case it has appeard after the kernel 2.4.22 since I started having 
these problems after I upgraded from Slack 9.1 which had that kernel.

Any ideas what is wrong and how I can fix ti?

Best regards,


Goran Cengic

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