[Samba] My Documents folder and roaming profiles.

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Sat Feb 19 12:11:02 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw írta:

>Håkan Slättman:
>>>I suppose basically my question is: Is there anyway to get Windows to
>>>copy the profile but exclude the 'My Documents' folder?
>>Maybe you can find your answer at:
>>There hou can read:
>>If you want roaming profiles to not include certain folders, you can
>>exclude them. Excluding internet temporary files, cookies, and outlook
>>files can keep the roaming profile small. To exclude folders
>>Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
>>Name: ExcludeProfileDirs
>>Type: REG_SZ
>>Value: Temporary Internet Files;Cookies;Recent;History;Local
>>Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
>Another (better?) way to do this is with the MMC policy editor utility,
>which will enable use of "point 'n click" policy rules. I'm not sure
>whether this can be done with the standard MMC snapins, but it can
>certainly be done with Nitrobit's Group Policy Editor.
>mail: tonye at billy.demon.nl
Create an NTConfig.POL file in the root of your netlogon share using the 
POLEDIT.EXE shipped with WinNT4.0 and Win2000Server (not shure about 
Win20003Server) and any service pack of them, just unpack the 
servicepack with servicepacksexename /x and you will find the file.
Use the ADM files next to it, plus the attached one (made by Andrew 
Bartlett) and you can redirect lots of folders, to shares, or subdirs of 

Good Luck!

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        CATEGORY !!CustomSharedAppFolders
                KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders"

                POLICY !!CustomFolders_SharedAppData
                        PART !!CustomFolders_SharedAppDataPath         EDITTEXT REQUIRED  EXPANDABLETEXT
                        DEFAULT !!CustomFolders_SharedAppDataDefault
                        VALUENAME "AppData"
                        END PART
                END POLICY

                POLICY !!CustomFolders_SharedMyDocs
                        PART !!CustomFolders_SharedMyDocsPath         EDITTEXT REQUIRED  EXPANDABLETEXT
                        DEFAULT !!CustomFolders_SharedMyDocsDefault
                        VALUENAME "Personal"
                        END PART
                END POLICY



Shell="Shared User Profile Folders"
CustomSharedAppFolders="Custom Shared Folders"
CustomFolders_SharedAppData="Custom Shared Application Folders"
CustomFolders_SharedAppDataPath="Path to location of Shared Application Data"
CustomFolders_SharedAppDataDefault="%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data"
CustomFolders_SharedMyDocs="Custom Shared Documentation Folder"
CustomFolders_SharedMyDocsPath="Path to location of Shared My Documents"
CustomFolders_SharedMyDocsDefault="%USERPROFILE%\MY Documents"

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