[Samba] Re: netbios fw pls help

nick Niko at zadar.net
Sat Feb 19 11:13:53 GMT 2005

Thanks Matthias,

having the problem to explain my situation.
I have win2k server and linux server runung vpn and samba in a same network.
Need to connect remote subnet through linux vpn . Now it is possible. I can
see all workgroup component but cant join subnet client to workgroup and
cant share subnet resources.
Any idea?
"Matthias Spork" <hallo at matthiasspork.de> wrote in message
news:42171BD1.8060802 at matthiasspork.de...
> Hello,
> nick schrieb:
> >Hi There,
> >
> >I'm runnin Linux Debian server with samba 3.0.10 and have vpn to connect
> >from remote subnets.
> >The prblem is that I cant see connected PC winXP clients in the network
> >neighbourhood.
> >Also have problem using terminal services through  linux vpn.
> >
> >
> >Please anyone to help
> >
> >
> You have problems with IP to Name resulotion. You can user WINS for only
> Windows-PC-Network and DNS for all other.
> Please test, to type in the IP-Adresse directly.
> matze
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