[Samba] can't specify username under WinXP

kurt weiss maillists at kwnet.at
Sat Feb 19 09:02:23 GMT 2005

null passwords = yes
attention!! if the network is not secure...

Andrei Voropaev schrieb:
> Hello!
> One little problem when accessing Samba shares that require password
> authentication. I have WinXP. When clicking on the name of share in the
> Network Neighbourhood, I get prompt for password. But the user name
> field is greyed out and is preset to "guest". So I can't specify needed
> username. If I try to access password protected share created on some
> other Windows machine, then the dialog is normal and allows to enter
> username. So I guess it is connected with Samba somehow.
> Currently we have to "mount" samba shares as disks. Then we can provide
> user name and password during mounting.
> What could possibly cause the above behaviour?
> Thanks

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