[Samba] Help with freebsd and windows domain

Zeldar The Destroyer zeldar at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 03:41:01 GMT 2005

I'm trying to add samba to our freebsd staging server and make it part
of the domain, so us developers can browse to files on it like we do
our other windows servers. I've been going through the setup on the
page and got wbinfo -u returing a list of users and such, but i don't
see a nsswitch.conf file any where on my system and also there is no
getent. I can't chmod a file to a user from the domain it says that
user does not exist, i can net rpc join into the domain and that
worked also. When i try to connect to the freebsd server from a
windows to see if i can see the shares i get an error saying i don't
have the proper trust settings to access the system. just wondering if
i can get some more info on completing this setup. Let me know if more
info or config files or anything is needed. Thanks for your help, i
hope i'm posting this to the right list, if this is the worng list
please let me know what list i should be sending this too.


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