[Samba] Re: Howto delete printer driver for only one architecture?

Christoph Peus cp at peus.net
Fri Feb 18 20:32:41 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> |> | Therefore I would like to delete these old drivers, but
> |> | I don't know how to achieve this without
> |> | deleting the drivers for all architectures
> |>
> |> Use a windows 200 or later client.  Browse to the
> |> server's 'printers and faxes' folder.
> |>
> |> Now File -> Server properties and got to the driver
> |> tab.  You can select the specific driver and architectures
> |> there.
> |
> | Thanks for your quick reply, but it doesn't solve
> | the problem for me, because the "add" and "delete"
> | buttons are grayed out (not usable) in
> | this context, though I logged in with admin rigths. (I hope so)
> If they are greyed out, you don't have admin rights.  You have to
> defined the 'printer admin' option in [global] to get things to work
> well.  And I realize that this is kind of a documentation bug.
> Or you can use the SePrintOperatorPrivilege in Samba 3.0.11

I fear that I have reported success a little bit to hastily, because I 
accidentlly tested your solution with a printer driver which was not in use 
by any printer at this time. This indeed worked fine, but when I try to 
delete a driver which is still associated to a printer, Windows is 
complaining that the driver is in use and therefore cannot be deleted.

The same problem with rpcclient:

lunkwill root # rpcclient localhost -U ntroot -c 'deldriverex mathe9102 
"Windows NT x86" 2'
Failed to remove driver mathe9102 for arch [Windows NT x86] (version: 2): 

Samba (3.0.11) seems to behave different here than a "real" Windows printer 
server: using Windows you can delete as many different architecture 
specific drivers as you like, even when they are associated to an existing 
printer - as long as there's at least one architecture's driver left for 
the printer. This concept makes perfect sense to me.
With samba it seems that all architecture's drivers are "in use" as long as 
they are associated to a printer and therefore cannot be deleted as long as 
the printer exists.

Or do I get something wrong here?


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