[Samba] Username map broken on Solaris ??

Rod Rioux Rod.Rioux at businessobjects.com
Fri Feb 18 16:34:48 GMT 2005

Gerald thanks for your help.. that's what I was looking for..

For anyone else with this issue:

If the usernames in windows are the same as unix ie test1 = test1 it works

If the usernames differ ie test2 = myuser you must replace with test2 =
domain1\myuser and with multiple domains test2 = domain1\myuser
domain2\myuser domain3\myuser etc.. to access under all logins.

Thanks, for the quick response .. samba rocks!


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Rod Rioux wrote:

| So I have installed samba 3, now joining the
| domain is fine, and on linux
| everything works perfectly, but on solaris it seems to
| ignore the "username map" option.

Please read the WHATSNEW for the 3.0.8 release.

cheers, jerry
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