[Samba] Ghost logons / Recycle Bin Options (related)

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Feb 18 15:03:41 GMT 2005

> Currently it copies to .recycle (which by default they cant see) problem is
> also some students are deleting work and blaming it on the system... And its
> not in the recycle bin. If the user was changed they couldn't do this :)
> Have thought about running a script on everyones .recycle bin, but decided
> against that :)

We have a volume /var/pcnet/trash.  We have the recycle VFS place all
trash in this volume (/var/pcnet/trash/%U).  So it isn't within the
quotaed area (home directories, whatever...).   Since the recycle bin
seems to be relative to the root of the share we create a .trash
sym-link to /var/pcnet/trash and have samba veto the file so the user
can't see it.  Then we have a "trash" share with a root
of /var/pcnet/trash that only administrators can access.

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