[Samba] Ghost logons / Recycle Bin Options (related)

sysrm sysrm at stvincent.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 14:41:18 GMT 2005

Hi all. Long time no write :)

Have been looking at recycle bin options using the VFS options.

Everything works fine, but I have one question/snag.

We use a script that uses smbclient to send a message to a machine to warn
them they are low on space.

So the user thinks "oh dear" and deletes stuff. Problem is on the quota
system its still counted as part of their user space... Is there anywhere
you can set the user it copies it to? i.e change the owner on the fly to

Currently it copies to .recycle (which by default they cant see) problem is
also some students are deleting work and blaming it on the system... And its
not in the recycle bin. If the user was changed they couldn't do this :)
Have thought about running a script on everyones .recycle bin, but decided
against that :)

Also as part of the script that sends messages to people, since upgrading to
version 3.05 +, ive noticed "ghost logons"

That is to say when I do a smbstatus, there is more than one person logged
onto that machine. They get the ghost users space warning, and then come to
us. We check their quota and its fine, but they will still get the message
15 mins later. The only way I can clear this is to either kill the PID, or
reboot the machine. Any ideas on either would be great :)



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