[Samba] Re: Howto delete printer driver for only one architecture?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Feb 18 13:15:42 GMT 2005

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Christoph Peus wrote:
| Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
|> | Therefore I would like to delete these old drivers, but
|> | I don't know how to achieve this without
|> | deleting the drivers for all architectures
|> Use a windows 200 or later client.  Browse to the
|> server's 'printers and faxes' folder.
|> Now File -> Server properties and got to the driver
|> tab.  You can select the specific driver and architectures
|> there.
| Thanks for your quick reply, but it doesn't solve
| the problem for me, because the "add" and "delete"
| buttons are grayed out (not usable) in
| this context, though I logged in with admin rigths. (I hope so)

If they are greyed out, you don't have admin rights.  You have to
defined the 'printer admin' option in [global] to get things to work
well.  And I realize that this is kind of a documentation bug.
Or you can use the SePrintOperatorPrivilege in Samba 3.0.11

| (Besides of that - a scriptable solution would
| be very helpfull, because I have to do this for
| about 90 printers...)

rpcclient $> deldriverex
Usage: deldriverex <driver> [arch] [version]

cheers, jerry
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