[Samba] REPOST: smbcacls question

Jeff Yana jyana at emc2visfx.com
Fri Feb 18 03:06:09 GMT 2005

Version 3.0.10

Yes, I am aware that the value for the debug flag is missing, but 
remember I only got the error output posted here because I had debug set 
to 5 or something higher (so the command I present here is not totally 

I have got the command working now so that it will display the ACLS. 
Have not tried to set/change anything as of yet, but will so so shortly. 
I think were I went wrong was my syntax with the SMB share. I probably 
was either not giving full UNC paths or leaving them out altogether, 
falling back on the UNIX style syntax instead (where UNC path names are 
not required).

Not sure that I like this syntax, it is very kludgy and 
counter-intuitive to use.


Herb Lewis wrote:

> you don't say what version you are running so the syntax may be different
> than my version. type smbcacls --help to get syntax.
> There is definitely something wrong with your command as the -d option
> is used to set the debug level and takes a number for the arg. also 
> you need
> a UNC share name and then the file name in the current versions.
> So for the current version to list the acls on file xxx at share named
> //server/share using the user administrator you would type
> smbcacls //server/share xxx -U administrator
> Jeff Yana wrote:
>> Since I never received a reply, I am reposting this earlier post:
>> I am trying to run the following command and keep getting the same 
>> error. My question is is there a problem with my command or is this 
>> possibly an issue with Samba
>> smbcacls -d test_file -A ACL:DOMAIN\username:ALLOWED/0/CHANGE -U 
>> username
>> Here is the error:
>> debug_parse_params: unrecognized debug class name or format [test_file]
>> ERROR: Unable to open credentials file!
>> Any suggestions are welcome.
>> Thanks.
>> Jeff

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