[Samba] Slow printing on Windows XP SP2 -- no solution?

Paul Griffith paulg at cs.yorku.ca
Thu Feb 17 21:07:43 GMT 2005

Try the following.


 Thank you for choosing Online Support for your Microsoft Technical
Support offering. My name is Amy and I will be assisting you with
this service request. For your reference, the Case ID of this service request is

 In your case log, you've indicated that you have installed Service
Pack 2. However, when trying to print from a network printer, the
printer preference box and setup dialog box take a long time to load and
then, the print slows down. We shall be working to resolve this specific issue
through the course of the case. If I have misunderstood your concern,
please let
me know.
 Before we go further, I would like to explain that the solution
mentioned in the KB329234 has been included in the installation of
Service Pack 2.
That is to say, if the problem occurs after installation Service Pack

2, it can be caused by different factor.

 According to my experience, I suggest that we perform the steps
below to add this network printer to the local port of this SP2
computer and resolve the issue.

 Let's now follow the steps to create a local printer, and then
redirect the port to the network server.

 1. Click Start, click Control Panel and open Printers and Faxes.

 2. In the left column, please choose Add A Printer.

 3. Click Next and choose "Local Printer attached to this computer"
 and click Next.

 4. The printer wizard will search the printer and it will prompt you
that it cannot find a plug and play printer. Please click Next

 5. Click to choose "Create a new port" and choose "Local Port";
 click Next button.

 6. Type in the server and printer name for the printer in
 \\ServerName\PrinterName syntax in the pop up open box. Click OK.

 7. Use the new port for the local printer.

 If you are prompted for a password, there may not be a field in
Windows XP in which to enter a password. Reset the password on the
destination computer to be blank.

 Restart the computer and test if our printer issue has been

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 08:10:13PM +0000, Eddy wrote:
> I browsed through some posts about this issue which I've been struggling with
> for a long time now. Why is there no solution?
> I think this issue has been discussed so many times (with no final solution)
> that I don't need to rewrite the symptoms and logs. Printer HP LaserJet 1100
> with latest HP drivers. Smb 3.0.7 (also tried 3.0.12pre with no difference in
> printing time).
> This is what I hate about non-commercial software..
> -- 
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