[Samba] Re: automatic adding of forms when adding a printerdriver

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Feb 17 20:27:10 GMT 2005

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Franz Pförtsch wrote:
| jerry,
| it's really rough code!

told you.  It's more testing code than
any thing else but does add any printer forms
(non user or built-in) it finds on the client.

If someone wants to roll a real command
line win32 printer tool (other than MS's
printadmin.dll, etc...), I've got lots of sample
code :-)

| is that problem with the forms a know bug?
| Is somebody working on the problem or
| does it works as designed?

It's sort of a know limitation.  Norally on a
windows server, when the spooler calls into
the driver to create the necessary registry data,
device mode, etc... the driver will create the
forms as well.  Since smbd does not execute the
driver code to create the data, we rely on a
client initializing the data.  The defeciency
with using this method is that the driver doesn't
attempt to create the forms on the server like it
other printer related settings.

cheers, jerry
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