[Samba] cached credentials local login -- notebook domain members

Roger Crom crom at ccccorp.com
Wed Feb 16 20:29:59 GMT 2005

I have multiple laptops and 1 tablet that log into a Samba 3.11
domain Have also done this on 3.04 and then use them at home "off" the 
network utilizing the cached credentials

One is currently setting on my desk with wireless disabled and I logged 
into it using my Domain login.

Paul Gienger wrote:
>> Am I doing something wrong or does samba really not support cached 
>> credentials local logins?
> I can assure you that it works just fine.  I go home every night and log 
> in just fine off the company 'net.  It also works just fine on default 
> domain setups, so there must be some step you've added that isn't liked 
> very well.
> What is the exact error you are getting?  For example, I get an error 
> about not finding my roaming profile, but that's expected.
> What method did you use to set up your server?  Did you follow a howto 
> or something that we could reference to find out what is causing you 
> problems?

Roger A. Crom
Director of Systems
Custom Computing Corporation
(402) 341-2197

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