[Samba] cached credentials local login -- notebook domain members

Martin martin.povolny at solnet.cz
Wed Feb 16 20:02:00 GMT 2005


I wonder if cached credentials local logins are expected to work with samba.

I have users with notebooks that I want to be domain members.

If the notebook is in the wild I want the users to use their profiles 
(either local or roaming) stored on the notebooks.

But once disconnected from the network the users can't login.

I found a thread:

in which some state that cached credentials logins are impossible in 
samba while other say that it's client-side issue.

I have tested both win2k and winXP with both local and roaming profiles 
with the same results: once disconnected the users can't login.
I'm using samba 3.0.10 with LDAP.

Am I doing something wrong or does samba really not support cached 
credentials local logins?


Mgr. Martin Povolný, soLNet, s.r.o.,
+420777714458, <martin.povolny at solnet.cz>

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