[Samba] printer services

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed Feb 16 14:46:47 GMT 2005

John Hudak wrote:

>I have a question regarding printer support/services.  Does Samba
>support shared printers directly attached to a Windoz or Linux machine?
>(i.e. attached via a parallel port or USB port to either the Samba
>machine or one of the Linux or Windoz boxes).

Samba itself doesn't care - (oversimplication mode on) it just 
accepts the jobs and throws them into the spooler.

>If so, how does one configure Samba and/or the other network machines to
>  configure the printers to make them reachable to the rest of the
>network?  I've spent some time going through the Samba doc and also the
>CUPS doc...but, it still is not clear to me. Seems most of the printers
>that are discussed are (seem to be) network printers.  Clarification and
>pointers to useful articles are appreciated.

Set up the printer in Cups, and tell cups where to send the output. 
If it's local to the server then just specify the appropriate port, 
if it's remote then you have to manage the remote connection 


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