[Samba] Solved: problems with special characters

Bastian.Zacher at aspect-online.de Bastian.Zacher at aspect-online.de
Wed Feb 16 07:56:34 GMT 2005

I've just recordnized that the two options 'character set' and 'client 
code page' were

unix charset = ISO8859-1
dos charset = 850

and all worked fine!

After all this probs occures with redhat v8.0 not with the older v7.3 
maybe also prior versions.
So this behavior not only depends on samba...


Hello NG,

maybe anybody can help me...

I got trouble with the german special characters. After upgrading to 
v3.0.11 any
special character will be displayed as an underscore.

Also the modification of the smb.conf couldn't fix the problems:

character set = ISO8859-1
client code page = 850

Since v3 these options are out of date, but I used them anyway.

After switching back to v3.0.3 all the characters will be displayed 
correctly. But I
recordnized another problem: The characters won't be correctly displayed 
the machine itself (using ls).

So I guess it's a main problem, but I'm not sure.

I set my locale to de_DE and if i touched a file with those characters in 
the filename
it will be shown as it should. Even via samba.

So, anybody experience with setting the right character encoding?

Oh yes - I'm using redhat v8.


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