[Samba] home network

kurt weiss maillists at kwnet.at
Wed Feb 16 06:58:06 GMT 2005

windows XP does not allow login with empty password in default.
also you may install the signorseal registry file.

Kevin Altizer schrieb:
> Greetings, I have a home network setup with a broadband router sharing a connection to a MDK Linux machine and an XP Pro machine.  The XP box is setup as master.  At first I could access the xp machine from the linux box only.  I changed the smb.conf file and uncommented the [tmp] section and could access that directory from the xp box.  Now I can't mount the shared directories on the xp machine from the linux machine.  In the smb4k window, when I double click the shared directories on the xp machine, the icon pops up on the right for a moment, then disappears.  I had a wireless router, but I changed back to my regular broadband router and now I'm getting a username/password prompt when trying to access the linux machine from the xp machine.  I tried uncommenting the guest user lines in smb.conf and this didn't help.  I downloaded Ethereal yesterday and followed the directions step by step at samba.org and still can't get things to work right.  I've googled time and time a
gain, I've posted in the linux newsgroup, I'm about out of gas here.  Do I need to just start over?  Any help would be appreciated.
> Kevin A.

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