[Samba] Samba and Netatalk Problem

Grieve, Shane sgrieve at star-telegram.com
Tue Feb 15 23:47:58 GMT 2005

I have a large number of Mac clients currently severed by windows NT 4
servers I am looking to replace the with samba / netatalk the problem I have
is there are a large number of files that contain forward slashes e.g. “a
pages 2/18” Windows NT translates the / to a  2 “  2 with a dot but keeps
the rest of the file name readable samba mangles the whole  file name to
something like _6HZXL~E  I have tried using vfs_cap, vfs_hex vfs_netatalk
and different codepages including cp932  but still not luck. If you look on
the linux server fedora core 3 the / is replaced with :2f but the rest of
the file name is readable. I understand that a / slash is not valid but is
there a way to keep the rest of the file name readable. 


Thanks in advance




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