[Samba] Disaster recovery strategy - Best Practices

Bruno Quintas bruno.quintas at itconnect.pt
Tue Feb 15 21:49:26 GMT 2005

Hi all, I've been studying/testing samba deployment to replace Windows
Servers, so I created a set of smb.conf's wich will suite most of my
customers needs. I'm going to install the first one in production
environment in the next 15 days.
It will be installed in a nice box Xeon 2.4 1GhzDDR, raid 1 scsi, etc.
Altough it may include a tape drive, I'd like to test a disaster recovery
situation using for example an external hdd drive, what should I exactly
backup, what would be the steps for the restore?

Thanking in advance for any tips,

Bruno Quintas

PS: The samba PDC will be a simple config, with no acl or ea support neither

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