[Samba] Intended behaviour of "add user" and smbpasswd

Richard L. Melton f1shlips at inreach.com
Tue Feb 15 19:42:30 GMT 2005

Christoph Scheeder wrote:

> Hi,
> Ritch Melton schrieb:
>> Hi,
>>    I'd like to upgrade my 2.2 samba to the latest 3.x stable, so I'm 
>> experimenting with the new features of 3.x on a RHEL 3 clone. I've 
>> run into some difficulty when using usrmgr.exe for administrating users.
>>    I've filled out the 'add user script' define with:
>>         add user script  = /usr/sbin/useradd -g sambausers -c "Samba 
>> User" -d /dev/null  -s /bin/false -M "%u"
> Mine looks pretty much as your's but i have '-m "%u"' as last parameter.
> And *i can use usrmgr.exe* to administrate my users.
> Have a look at your useradd manpage to verify the parameters you give to
> it...

   Ok, I'm jealous. In that case, I shouldn't need to do anything more 
complex than what I'm doing.
   I'm passing -M, although I probably don't need to, to _not_ create a 
home dir. '-m' creates a home dir, according to the man page.
    Would you mind posting your specs (os & samba) as well as your 
complete smb.conf for me to look at?

Blue Skies,

> Christoph
>>    When I try an add a user using usrmgr.exe, I get an 'Access is 
>> Denied' message. I turned on debugging and I could see the request 
>> being made, and I noticed that the unix account was being created, 
>> but the smb backend account was not.
>>    It seems like the desired behaviour of 'add user' would add the 
>> smb account in my backend (smbpasswd file)
>>    I've searched high and low on Google, but I've been unable to find 
>> an answer to this question. I have been able to find several smb.conf 
>> files that look like mine.
>>    I'd appreciate any input.
>> Blue Skies,
>> Ritch Melton
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