[Samba] weired problem after file move

James Mauser jmauser at fau.edu
Tue Feb 15 15:20:40 GMT 2005

I am using samba 3.0.10.fc3 and am experiencing a weird scenario.


I had a user that was trying to move data from one drive to another.  

However, The destination drive was full and rather than return "out of disk
space"  what happened was only 0 length files were created but more
importantly is the source files got deleted.   

 I would think that there would be a sanity check on rather the file was
moved correctly before finishing the move command (as I believe it should
happen is: check space requirement, then file gets copied to destination and
then source file gets deleted).  


The source drive is on a windows server

The destination drive is on the samba 3.0.10.fc3 server which has its file
system NFS mounted 



Does anyone have an idea on this, or need more information to know why samba
is allowing a file move to a full destination?



Thanks for your help 


James Mauser

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Florida Atlantic University



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