[Samba] lsaenumacctwithrights

Sridhar Venkatakrishnan sridhar.venkatakrishnan at trilogy.com
Tue Feb 15 18:23:20 GMT 2005


I've installed the samba 3.0.11 release after building it from source. 
I'm trying to use rpcclient to enumerate all accounts with a specific 
right. The man page for rpcclient says the 'lsaenumacctwithrights' 
command is available but when I try to use the command rpcclient doesn't 
recognise it.

 A quick grep of the source base shows that the command isn't 
implemented. However, googling for lsaenumacctwithrights throws up a 
list of changelogs which seem to indicate that the command was included 
as part of the source. Has anybody used this command before and is there 
an alternative?

Thanks in advance,

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