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Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Tue Feb 15 11:36:40 GMT 2005

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Hi Bruno,
no you dont need Ad,
you can host a sus server on a win 2000 machine with
a repacked pack ( normal you need a win 2000 server to install ) and use
policies to make the needed entries
to all win clients in your smb domain.
The funktion in principal to force win update is simply to
stop the update service , make new entries to reg ( like update time ,
server etc )
and start it again, this would be able in workgroups too,
all the different stuff can be found
at http://www.susserver.com/
as well some tools which would help you to force it.
I did this on a few networks wich smb/ldap domains
and it works like charme.
I installed susserver on my laptop too, so i have all
updates right with me everytime.
On http://www.winfuture.de/ ( sorry i think german )
offline packs of all patches are released periodic to make it more
simple to setup plain xp/2000 winclients offline with all patches.
They are repacked to one big exe file.
There is a tool from the german magazin CT which does
a upgrade by win versions of wget and some scripts
With http://berns.cae.wisc.edu/files/wincdman/wincdman.html
you can make slipstream win2000/XP cd with varia patches allready
include to a windows setup cd.
Best Regards

Bruno Guerreiro schrieb:
| Hi Robert,
| For this to work you must have AD, right?
| And what if the machines are in a pure Samba+OpenLDAP environment?
| Any ideas?
| Best Regards,
| Bruno Guerreiro
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| Hi Peter,
| look at http://www.susserver.com/
| here you will find good info about hosting a sus server
| or/and forcing win updates
| Best Regards
| Peter Nyberg schrieb:
| | Hi!
| | How do you guys solve windows security updates? Is there a way to
| force windows
| | computers to be updated. Even more flexible is if one can update
| windows through
| | login script.
| |
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