[Samba] Making nt_printer.tdb from tdbtool?

Jonathan Laventhol jonathan.laventhol at imagination.com
Tue Feb 15 11:17:36 GMT 2005

Hello All --

We are trying to consolidate our printer management from
a series of NT print servers to a series of Samba ones,
in a global network with ten offices and about 150 printers.
All printing is PostScript and goes to HP and Canon printers
over lpd through custom 'if' filters which do accounting.

To help this we're trying to automate the printer and
driver registration processes, in particular make the
nt_printers.tdb, ntdrivers.tdb (and ntforms.tdb?) files
from some kind of textual config file which might look like

	pr-london1: hp2200
	pr-newyork3: hp4000

Our goal is to bring our printing in line with our other
configuration management, which has a central server
of configs for routers, servers and so on.  The config
server doesn't run any applications and so can't have
Samba running on it to receive rcpclient requests.

Anybody achieved anything like this?  Any developer
got some half-working code?  We were hoping to use
tdbtool or similar.

Alternatively, does anybody have good documentation about
what is expected in the printing tdb files?

We're using Samba 2.2.2 on FreeBSD 4.various.

Any help gratefully received.

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  25 Store Street South Crescent, London WC1E 7BL, England
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