[Samba] Intended behaviour of "add user" and smbpasswd

Ritch Melton f1shlips at inreach.com
Tue Feb 15 03:22:05 GMT 2005

    I'd like to upgrade my 2.2 samba to the latest 3.x stable, so I'm 
experimenting with the new features of 3.x on a RHEL 3 clone. I've run 
into some difficulty when using usrmgr.exe for administrating users. 

    I've filled out the 'add user script' define with:
         add user script  = /usr/sbin/useradd -g sambausers -c "Samba 
User" -d /dev/null  -s /bin/false -M "%u"

    When I try an add a user using usrmgr.exe, I get an 'Access is 
Denied' message. I turned on debugging and I could see the request being 
made, and I noticed that the unix account was being created, but the smb 
backend account was not.

    It seems like the desired behaviour of 'add user' would add the smb 
account in my backend (smbpasswd file)
    I've searched high and low on Google, but I've been unable to find 
an answer to this question. I have been able to find several smb.conf 
files that look like mine.

    I'd appreciate any input.

Blue Skies,
Ritch Melton

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