[Samba] Charset and codepage problems

Mattias Trimpop trimpop00001 at nurfuerspam.de
Mon Feb 14 15:42:37 GMT 2005

Hello to you all!

I have some nice problems with Fedora3 and Samba:

I have some different Redhat-servers running (Redhat 9 with samba 2.x) 
and Fedora-Servers.
Is there a simple way to exermine which charset and codepage is used on 
the Serverside and how to adjust the client site, so that all special 
characters are shown correctly? I have rad many newsgroup-postings 
saying: try and error, but with many servers and updates you get fuzzy 
very quick!
As a programmer (but on windowsside) I think (hope), there should be a 
logical way to solve this.

Some said: Adjust your i18.conf configuration but this will not work for 
me because I had to adjust it to see the local fat and ntfs partitions 

Does anyone have some hints for me?


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