[Samba] Hackers on my Web server

Mlinek, Gary gmlinek at madonna.edu
Mon Feb 14 13:20:56 GMT 2005

I have discovered that a gamer has hacked into my web server through a
backdoor left open by my predecessor. I have closed the door, but when I
try to delete the folders left behind I receive "Access Denied", or when
I try to take ownership I receive "Unable to Find File...". I have
removed most of the files to obtain enough space to continue operations
but would like to remove this threat entirely. Also for FYI the folders
go thirty deep, and some have no names (or hidden names), some start
with a " ~ ", or a" ; " or a " . ". I am really baffled, so if there is
someone who may assist me or direct me as to where to look it would be
greatly appreciated.


Thank You,

Gary Mlinek

Sr. Network Analyst

Madonna University

(734) 432-5462


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