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John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Mon Feb 14 07:01:42 GMT 2005

On Sunday 13 February 2005 07:41, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Craig White to JHT:
> [...]
> > You are a kind, warm and generous person and the thought that I might
> > have said anything that wounds you bothers me. Any criticism that I may
> > have offered was only offered to make the documentation better.
> Seconded. That's obvious from the official HOWTO, which is detailed down
> to the last period. It anticipates user difficulties, pinpoints them and
> deals with them on a step-by-step basis. This is especially the case with
> the sections on spoon-feeding Windows ignoramuses like me. However,
> finding things in it when one requires specific info could be improved
> vastly.

What can be improved? How? Give me some pointers please, not bland assertions.

The Samba-HOWTO-Collection covers particular aspects of Samba functionality, 
how it interfaces with MS Windows, and how particular effects can be 
achieved. I would welcome contributions that will improve the index.

The Samba-Guide (Samba-3 by Example) provides prescriptive guidance that fully  
documents complete network deployments. It is possible to follow each chapter 
to build a fully functional network environment - including the steps 
necessary to integrate MS Windows clients into the the mix. The index 
reflects its intent - but if you, or anyone else, cares to provide patches 
for the XML files that will increase the power of the index I am totally 
receptive to that also.

> I'm not good at writing anything that calls itself a HOWTO, since there
> are almost always exceptions. I'm not even good at correcting others'
> doco. I know what works for me and I can write notes for others about
> that.

That would be a good start.

> The official Samba doco keeps up to date and goes into great detail. It's
> difficult to find stuff in it when needed, though.

Which official Samba doco is difficult to find stuff in? 
What are/were you searching for that you could not find. Examples please - 
that way I can perhaps begin to understand the problem.

I can fix defects or impediments if you can tell what the problem is, but do 
not expect me to read your mind - my skills in that area are sorely 
limited. ;-)

- John T.
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