[Samba] Re: "Delayed Write Failed" and other similar errors on Windows machines

Michael J. Welch, Ph.D. mjwelchphd at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 14 02:31:00 GMT 2005


I tried copying the failing directory on my Windows machine to make a "backup" 
copy of the failing directory. When I tested it as I had before, it ceased to 
fail. I copied the original to see what would happen, and the "Delayed Write 
Failed" disappeared there as well. Now I haven't had the problem repeat for a 
while, nor do I expect it to return. 

Also, the problem appeared before in any similar directory (Windows C++ 
projects), but now none are failing. I have no idea what made the problem go 
away, whether it was bad blocks on the Samba hard disk, or some setting in 
the smb.conf file. I think it is unlikely the hard disk has a problem because 
it was recently reinitialized and it is a Raid-0 mirrored drive. I know it 
was not corrected on the Windows side. It was corrected as a result of some 
change I made on the Samba side.

I did notice that nmb must be restarted with samba after the smb.conf is 

cd /etc/init.d
./smb stop
./nmb restart
./smb start

I also noticed that Windows must be restarted at the same time, or Windows 
will not see the smb.conf change. (What a pain in the ash! It takes my 
Windows machine 5 minutes to restart.)

You can see my smb.conf at
I know this conf file is working, so these settings are OK. You might want to 
test these global settings on your machine to see if it gets rid of the 

Hope this is of use to you.

-- Mike

On Friday 11 February 2005 05:48, Robert M. Martel wrote:
> ...
> Anyhow, for the users that were changed I have see many "Windows Delayed
>   Write Failed" error messages.
> ...
> -Bob Martel

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