[Samba] Samba/LDAP documentation

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sun Feb 13 19:13:34 GMT 2005

> The problem that apparently both Tonni and I had was coming to terms
> with the net group map command. It mucked with the DSA attributes of
> 'displayName' 'sambaSID' 'objectclass' - 

I'm confused by this statement.  The attributes displayName and sambaSID
are not relevant to a POSIX group, so the effect was merely additive -
with the addition of the AUXILLARY objectclass sambaGroupMapping.
AUXILLARY objectclasses are meant specifically for use in an additive
capacity and there was no attribute name space collisions.  What was

> I had no idea of that when I
> used the command - and the usage of this on an existing DSA seemed
> rather like puppeteering.

How so?  I write internal documentation which covers Samba & LDAP usage
in a relatively complicated and almost completely directory enabled
network, so I'm seriously curious what this perceived gapeing hole is.

> I think that a reference in the chapt 11 section on group mapping (Using
> your own tools to integrate samba.schema required objects into your
> existing DSA)...

But this is documented.
A user SID is {domain sid} . ((uidNumber * 2) + 1000)
A group SID is {domain sid} . ((gidNumber * 2) + 1001)

This is documented in many places.

> # dom_users, Groups, example.com
> dn: cn=dom_users,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com
> sambaGroupType: 2
> sambaSID: S-1-5-21-9999999999-9999999999-9999999999-513
> displayName: Domain Users
> Note that the sambaGroupMapping objectclass and the last three
> attributes are the parts of extreme significance to Samba/Windows users

Yes.  AND they are the attributes added by the sambaGroupMapping
AUXILLIARY objectclass;  this is very apparent if you use a decent
schema browser to look at your DSA.

> the net group commands I suppose are the only way to get these entries
> into smbpasswd/tdbsam passdb's (does tdb support dump/reload where you
> could hack it with a text editor?) but seemed entirely clumsy when you
> can edit the DSA entries directly.

There are a myriad of ways to add groups to DSA.

> and I suppose for good measure - a note about the 'expected'
> "Administrator" account in your users container...
> # Administrator, People, Example, US
> dn: uid=Administrator,ou=People,o=Example,c=US
> where the sambaSID MUST be inclusive of the '500' RID and uidNumber: 0

But again, I (as a consumer of the documentation) think that this IS

> if you expect this account to have root privileges...necessary to be
> able to join machines to domain (subject to the following
> conditions...you not have another account with uidNumber: 0 in the DSA
> i.e. root AND subject to anticipated changes in Policy objects) and
> other privileged operations that may be required for samba use.

The the additional of privileges support in 3.0.11 this is no longer

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