[Samba] Samba/LDAP documentation

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun Feb 13 15:43:38 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra:

> The Samba-HOWTO-Collection and Samba-Guide documentation has worked for
> many people, but I am quick to admit that it can be significantly
> improved. There is little benefit in my continuously pounding this list
> with requests for patches and updates - even though we have demonstrated
> time after time that we act on every suggestion, patch or contribution.

I never done that.

> We do not know as much as the sum of experience that others can
> contribute. Some of us really appreciate little (or big) gems of knowledge
> and/or experience that may help us in our efforts or work.
> We do not accept the notion that the current documentation is
> "worthless".

I never said that, Implementing the LDAP doco and the IDEALX scripts are
liable to trash already-implemented, well-working LDAP databases and Linux
systems, that's all. I tried both, I found a working alternative which
does neither. I wished to discuss that alternative.

> We
> will all be most pleased to receive an update or ammendment that may help
> any other user. The update or ammendment may be in pure text form, or any
> other form you care to submit, we will convert it to docbook format for
> inclusion in the documentation.
> In the past we have included updates regardless of our personal
> preferences, the only criteria we must insist on is that the information
> is not plain-wrong, and that it is legal for us to publish it.
> Documentation projects need to take account of technical correctness and
> must also recognize the significant degree to which personal preferences
> dictation people opinions. Just because someone does not like something
> does not make it wrong.

I'll do my best, it could take time. What I've found amazing is, how good
and flexible the ldapsam code is.

> I do not have time for lengthy discussion, my time is limited enough as
> it is. Please document and submit your patches, updates or contribution
> using bugzilla at: https://bugzilla.samba.org

Will do, it could take time. I'm a Samba newbie (advancing fast, though)
and realize my shortcomings. Be aware that implementing any suggestions I
make will counter all installations made using the IDEALX scripts and
independent (e.g. Coupeau's) doco.
> If the demands of posting to bugzilla are too much to ask, I am happy to
> receive bug reports and updates, etc. via direct email.
> Please document your "corrections" and let's get on with life.

Both Craig and I have done that in this thread.



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