[Samba] performance?

Krister Söderström imz at ludd.luth.se
Sun Feb 13 13:20:42 GMT 2005

I'm betting you using the lin98sk-driver (which is typical for built in 
networkadapters on athlon64 mb:s). I think I pulled all my hair off 
trying to solve the same problem a few month ago. It's just so typical 
when you change all your hardware, upgrade the software and then run 
into problems. You have no way of knowing whats causing it.

Anyway there seems to be a specific issue between samba and this driver. 
My problem was only with samba, all other services (ftp, nfs, and a lot 
of others) ran just fine. Changing NIC to another brand (Intel), ie. 
changing driver, solved my problem. I've also heard that this specific 
issue seems somehow connected to just gigbit-speeds but I haven't 
verified that myself.

As a side note. The "lin98sk-card" runs just fine under windows så i'm 
pretty sure there's a driver issue.

Good luck!

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