[Samba] Re: [PATCH] bug in 3.0.11 winbindd when 'disable netbios = yes'

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Sat Feb 12 22:55:24 GMT 2005

Sorry for the break in the threading.
Originally this is from :

Quoting from Jerry:
> Heads up.... If anyone has had problems with winbindd not being able 
> to locate any domain controllers after upgrading to 3.0.11 *and* you
> have 'disable netbios = yes' in smb.conf, please test this preliminary
> patch (winbind_find_dc.patch). It's pretty rough currently but needs
> some more widespread testing. You can download it from :
> http://www.samba.org/~jerry/patches/post-3.0.11/ If anyone would care
> to test it out on other winbindd installations, that would be great.
> But this is just a patch in progress. Please don't install it on
> production servers (unless you are already in a lot of pain from the
> original bug). Note that if smbd -b | grep WITH_ADS doesn't return
> anything, don't install this patch as I haven't put in the proper
> ifdef's to compile on systems without kerberos and ldap packages. If
> you do have trouble with winbindd after installing the patch, please
> just email me directly with a short description and the details of
> your smb.conf. Thanks.

I was forced to goto version 3.0.11 of samba. The added abilities were
needed at this location, also with the printing fixes as well.

So, Samba has fixed Bug #1580 (and yes it did fix it, THANKS Jerry!)

And your prelim-patch for clitar.c also passed the mustard quite well...

And NOW you fix the resulting problem I was having as I brought up the
Samba Server.  wbinfo gave me only local account and groups, 1 sequence
number that was stale and basically was non-functional. I am just glad I
happen to browse by the problem that this patch fixes...

And, as of right now... it is in production, mainly because of the
consequence of the features of 3.0.11.

I wish to thank, all of you on the Samba Team, those of you listed on
the contacts page:

    * Jeremy Allison		* Andrew Tridgell
    * John Terpstra		* Chris Hertel
    * John Blair		* Gerald (Jerry) Carter
    * Michael Warfield		* Brian Roberson
    * Jean Francois Micouleau	* Simo Sorce
    * Andrew Bartlett		* Jelmer Vernooij
    * Richard Sharpe		* Stefan Metzmacher
    * Martin Pool		* Herb Lewis
    * Dan Shearer		* David Fenwick
    * Volker Lendecke		* Tim Potter
    * David Bannon		* Steve French
    * Jim McDonough		* Alexander Bokovoy
    * Rafal Szczesniak		* Marc Kaplan
    * Paul Green		* Deryck Hodge
    * Vance Lankhaar		* Guenther Deschner

To each of you, you have made my life simpler by replacing a POS product
that should never have been this popular.

I am going to share my good fortune (not that it'll be much... but hey
some os better than none) soon enough... with quite a few FOSS Projects
that I convert companies and people to.

The place I work, is nearing a point where I'll be able to run
everything on Linux, using Native apps or using bridge apps like
Wine/wine Derivatives.

Once again: THANKS^3!
greg at gregfolkert.net
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Novell's Directory Services is a competitive product to Microsoft's
Active Directory in much the same way that the Saturn V is a competitive
product to those dinky little model rockets that kids light off down at
the playfield. -- Thane Walkup
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