[Samba] Joining Samba to a non-Samba,non-AD, NT4 Domain

Wes Hardin whardin at dalsemi.com
Fri Feb 11 20:08:05 GMT 2005

I am a Unix Admin, trying to join a NT4 domain.  I do not have access to 
the PDC.

When setting up a new machine, either Windows or Unix, on the domain, I 
ask the NT admins to create a new machine account on the domain for my 
machine.  I then "associate" my machine with that machine account.  I 
say "associate" because I'm not exactly sure what happens, something 
about trading secrets and negotiating machine passwords I think.

For my windows machine, this was a very easy process of supplying the 
domain name, machine name, and my own personal domain login.

For my UNIX machines (both Solaris and Linux), I supplied the domain 
name, machine name, and my personal login but was denied.  I had to get 
an NT admin to put in the Domain Administrator password for it to work.

I used the command
	# net rpc join MEMBER -W DLSMIS -U <my username>

gave my password, and got this back:

	Create of workstation account failed
	User specified does not have administrator privileges
	Unable to join domain DLSMIS.

I'm not surprised the create failed, since its already been created 
before my attempt to join.  Samba should not be trying to create it 
again, although that is what it seems to be doing.

When I got an NT admin to come over, I used
	# net rpc join MEMBER -W DLSMIS -U Administrator

got the NT admin to put in their password, and it joined successfully.

This doesn't make sense since I don't need an NT admin's help to join my 
Windows PC to the domain.

I've seen numerous others with a similar problem but they usually 
involve either a Samba PDC or Windows AD, so I don't see how they apply 
to me.
/* wes hardin */
UNIX System Admin
Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim Integrated Products

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