[Samba] Roaming profiles sometimes stop updating

Sean Millichamp sean at compu-aid.net
Fri Feb 11 19:28:48 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 11:39 -0600, Paul Gienger wrote:
> >However, I've noticed that on two completely separate networks
> >(configured in a similar manner) certain Windows 2K/XP stations just
> >stop updating profiles though the rest are still updating regularly upon
> >logout.  In a new Samba install I performed a few months ago some of the
> >existing 2K/XP machines have never updated the roaming profile.
> >  
> >
> I know you're saying workstation here, but since most of the time a 
> workstation is person specific and for general clarification:
> Is this a user problem or a workstation problem?  If you log in with a 
> different random user does it update ok and/or does the problem follow a 
> user around to different workstations?

It seems to be specific to an individual workstation (or in this case, a
number of them).  In this environment it is generally one user to one
workstation so you are right, they don't travel much.  However:

- On one such XP workstation I tried logging in a newly created user and
on log out no profile was stored to the server.  I just tested this to
be sure.

- In the past, when we have reloaded the workstation from scratch
profile operations start working from that point forward without
modification to the user.  We saw this behavior as recently as last
week.  One user's station needed to be reloaded, profiles had never
worked for them before, and once the reload was done the first logout
successfully stored the profile.


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