[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] New stable release of Samba Console (1.1.23)

David Barth dbarth at idealx.com
Thu Feb 10 08:19:37 GMT 2005


I'm officialy announcing the new 1.1.23 stable release of Samba Console, 
along with a stable IMC release too (1.2.24). This code is just going in 
production at a new customer site this week.

 From the project web site :

Samba Console <http://imc.sourceforge.net/samba/index.html> is the first 
console developped for IMC. It offers a simple and ergonomic interface 
for managing a Samba domain controler. The goal is to give a better 
experience to the new Linux administrators that need to manage a 
production Samba server from anywhere using a simple web browser.

IMC (IDEALX Management Console) is an Open Source platform for 
developing web administration consoles.

I've also started a new 1.3 development branch for the IMC platform. 
Take a look at the updated dev plan 
(http://imc.sourceforge.net/dev/devplan.html) : many items are already 
done or taken into account.

Download and try the new release at the download area : 

Enjoy !

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