[Samba] data in files replaced with smb logs

Linda Browne lbrowne at aastra.com
Thu Feb 10 20:57:45 GMT 2005

Hi, I am having trouble with a samba setup which has worked fine for about 2 years.  When a file is being saved to unix, the file is wiped out and replaced with samba logs.  I am getting errors in the samba logs when the problem occurs:
[2005/02/10 14:21:36, 0] source/smbd/password.c:connect_to_domain_password_server(1381)
  connect_to_domain_password_server: unable to setup the PDC credentials to machine FARLEY. Error was : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

where FARLEY is the authentication server.  On FARLEY, which is an NT server, I get the error message:

The session setup from the computer ABSOLUT failed to authenticate. The name of the account referenced in the security database is ABSOLUT$.  The following error occurred: 
Access is denied. 

ABSOLUT is the unix server.  anyone have any idea what could be happening?  Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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