[Samba] Firewall piercing - The Specified network name is no longer available.

Gordon Russell russell at co.clarke.va.us
Thu Feb 10 14:22:48 GMT 2005

Dude -- Your arrogant attitude towards getting help and resolving your 
problem is not getting you anywhere -- its obviously problematic to pump 
  SMB/CIFS into the internet the way you would like to.  Why don't you 
look at a simpler solution like running an anonymous ftp server and then 
your pathetic windoze users can just type:



> Please read my points on this sort of "solution" in the past. The whole
> REASON I want to use Plain Vanilla SMB is so I can walk up to ANY Windoze
> machine on the entire flippin' Internet and go:
> Start
> Run
> \\IP_ADDRESS\sharename
> (username)
> (password)

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