[Samba] Linux client + Linux samba server = slow

Mark Adams mark9117 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 10 03:22:49 GMT 2005

I installed this server in December to serve my LAN.  The windows 
machines work just fine, but my Linux box (this desktop and the server 
are both Mandrake 10.1) has gotten interminably slow since I installed 
some updates via MandrakeUpdate last week.

The share is configured in smb.conf like this:
    comment = Shuttle Server Shared Stuff
    path = /share
    valid users = madams sparkles alex
    public = yes
    writable = yes
    printable = no
    create mask = 0775

The share is mounted on the Linux box with:
//SHUTTLE/server /mnt/shuttle/server smbfs 
0 0

The file auth.shuttle.madams does exist in the path and it's a simple 3 
line text file:

username = madams
domain =
password = XXXXXXXX

How have I screwed this up?

Mark E. Adams

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