[Samba] it takes too long to sync user profile

Steve Zeng szeng at mainframe.ca
Wed Feb 9 22:32:08 GMT 2005


Putting documents in the home directory is a good solution. But two of them use laptop. when they go home. they will not be able to see anything. I am thinking just disable roaming from Samba server. 


>I put a limit on my profile size for the users, so if the user profile goes past that limit it does not load into the server, also training user to put documents in their home folders is another solution,the idea is to keep the profile lean  for fast logins.
>Mark Sarria
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>From: Steve Zeng <szeng at mainframe.ca>
>Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2005 12:38 pm
>Subject: [Samba] it takes too long to sync user profile
>>I have Samba running as PDC on Linux to serve about 10 Windows XP 
>>clients. I enabled roaming profile. But some people put a lot of 
>>in "My document" and it tooks a long, long time to sync each time 
>>login and logout. Is there any workaround for this?
>>Thanks a lot.
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Steve Zeng
Systems Administrator
Mainframe Entertainment Inc
suite 500, 2700 Production Way
Burnaby, BC
T: (604) 628-1000 ext 5293
Direc linet:  (604) 628-1015

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